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Clean water for your tap.

Water Unconditionally


Clean2O’s mission is to introduce innovation in supplying clean water. The team’s expertise in engineering and design aim to bring clean and safe drinking water for people in need and create new unused water sources as a sustainable source.


Clean2O’s vision is to become the world leader in water filtration and provide clean water for everyone around the world.

Why Clean2O?

Physiochemical Techniques


Removes Bacteria and Pollutants

Replaceable Parts


Clean2O is made up of two motivated chemical engineers that are inspired and motivated to make a change in this world. With friendship and partnership of five years, they are able to understand, work, and get along to start Clean2O and pursue their passion for providing clean water.

“Water is a basic right and not a luxury”

Mohamad Fakhreddine

Co-Founder and CEO

Mohamad is a motivated Social Entrepreneur that has experience in many fields that include, Engineering, Design, Entrepreneurship, and Music. As a social service, Mohamad worked with ‘Abeer 2’ a school that aids people with special needs. He currently is working with several NGO’s under the ‘BADAEL’ program to spread the concept of social entrepreneurship in northern Lebanon. As part of being in a local band, he frequently participates in several local shows and festivals. In addition to some experience in filming and video editing. All these skills allow him to be the right choice for making Clean2O succeed.

“Water is the driving force of humankind”

Ramzi Boukhalil

Co-Founder and CFO

Ramzi is a hard-working and a symbol of inspiration when it comes to commitment. He was the president of the Student Society of Chemical Engineers (SSChE) at the University of Balamand for two years. This gave him the leadership skills that he needs to be able to take fast decisions and actions when in need.

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